Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Here's what Arab Americans are doing to mobilize the community to vote!

The Arab American Civic Council, an Orange County-based grassroots organization dedicated to empowering the Arab American community, recently launched its voter outreach campaign to encourage Arab Americans in Orange County and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to vote the upcoming election.

Nationally, AACC has partnered with the Arab American Institute’s effort to register voters through its Yalla Vote campaign, in which Arab American organizations nationwide are participating in voter registration drives. AACC’s volunteers along with Access California Services, an Arab American social services organizations, are on the ground registering voters at community events and gatherings. Our volunteers have tabled at the Palestine Picnic Day, the opening reception of ‘A Country Called Syria’, and in front of Fresh Choice Marketplace in Little Arabia to register new voters across Orange County and beyond.

One of the most important races locally is the Anaheim City Council race under the new district elections, which is why AACC partnered with a wide range of local organizations to host two candidate forums. The first forum was held on Friday, September 30th at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, and the second one is planned to be held on Monday, October 24th at the Arab American Community Center in Anaheim: Click here for details about the forum.
Additionally, in an effort to engage the Arab American community in the presidential race, the AACC hosted a presidential debate watch party this past Sunday at Little Arabia’s El Mahroosa Cafe and Hookah Lounge. More than 40 community members attend the event over delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and participated in the discussion through social media.

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