Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Access California Services launches Arab Youth Collective

Group Inspires Arab Youth to Create a Community and Embrace a Dual Cultural Identity
Anaheim, Calif. (April 23, 2014)Access California Services (AccessCal) recently launched its Arab Youth Collective, a program that brings together and helps 13-to-18 year olds in the local community understand the importance of their identities, affirm their cultures, create a sense of community and build skills that enhance confidence and develop future leaders. The Arab Youth Collective meets at the AccessCal office in Anaheim on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. Youth with Arab backgrounds are encouraged to join.

“We are excited about the Arab Youth Collective because of its uniqueness in catering to local Arab youth,” said Zeena Aljawad, Youth Coordinator at Access California Services. “Unlike most local Arab youth programs that are faith-based, the collective’s uniqueness emanates from its secular vision and focus on identity, community and social empowerment among youth.”

Since the launch of the Arab Youth Collective, there has been an increase in the diversity of those attending the collective’s weekly meetings. Immigrants, refugees, and young Arab-Americans with immigrant parents have been exposed to various activities, performances, and discussion topics including self-love, communication, stress management, and Arab heritage.

For more information about becoming a part of the Arab Youth Collective, contact Zeena Aljawad at

About the Arab Youth Collective

The Arab Youth Collective (AYC) is a youth program developed in September 2013,which caters to Arab youth aged 13 to 18 years old. It aims to build the leadership qualities of Arab American youth for the benefit of our individual youth, our Arab community and our broader American society. Through direct programs, AYC connects young people with a deeper understanding and greater sense of Arab identity. Leveraging community leaders and educators, youth are inspired to achieve leadership, grow their love for and proudly represent the duality of being Arab and American.

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