Saturday, November 23, 2013

Arab American Civic Council Launches U-PREP; Helps Latino & Arab Youth's Dreams of Going to College Come True

Although I missed the final day of this program due to my traveling, I'm proud to report that a group I co-founded successfully launched and completed its first program; u-prep. I co-founded the Arab American Civic Council because of the lack of Los Angeles area-based organizations that promote civic engagement and advancement of the Arab-American community.  

The mission of the Arab American Civic Council is to advance the Arab American and immigrant communities by encouraging their participation and engagement in the civic and political process through community organizing, advocacy, public policy, education, leadership development, cultural outreach, and cultivating partnerships with education institutions, non-profits and government agencies. 

The Arab American Civic Council assisted more than 24 Arab American and Latino students in their university application on Friday, November 22. The program, known as u-prep, was a result of a collaboration between AACC and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

U-prep is a program designed to eliminate barriers and increase access to higher education for underserved immigrant youth through university preparation.

"Immigrants struggle to support the language needed for their children to be ready to go through the university application process and sometimes discourage their children to apply for college to take on other duties such as running their family business," said Rida Hamida, co-founder of the Arab American Civic Council. "We wanted to give these youth the opportunity to overcome these barriers and give them the hope that they could pursue their own dreams."

The collaboration with LULAC helped build strong relationships between local Arab-Americans and Latinos, specially the youth, in an effort to strengthen cultural ties locally between the two groups.

Randy Osorio, Secretary of LULAC Youth Council stated, "I felt that 
u-prep helped clarify the UC application process and the program introduced me to amazing Arab community members and Arabic food."

The Arab American Civic Council extends its gratitude and appreciation to our partner organization LULAC, all the dedicated and hardworking volunteers, and Sahara Falafel for sponsoring
 u-prep recipients with a taste of Arabic food.
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