Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rick James thinks Americans should risk their lives for Israel

Not the famous Rick James, the racist South Orange County resident Rick James who implied in a letter to the OC Register that the U.S. should allow genocide in Syria unless Israel is under threat, then we should send American troops.

Syrian civil war 
LAGUNA NIGUEL, Rick James: No matter if the rebels or Bashar al-Assad's followers come out the victors in Syria, the winners will still hate America and what we stand for. I am all for sitting this one out, unless Israel comes under attack. Only then should we intervene. 
Why risk even one American life in a conflict where the outcome will be the same, no matter the victor? This conflict is between two Islamic ideologies; it is a religious war.
Let's wait and hope that their hatred for each other surpasses their hatred for us, which is the best outcome we could hope for. Patience may be our best weapon in this conflict.

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