Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Morsi is a tool of Ikhwan's supreme leader, according to several Egyptian cab drivers!

During my brief stay in Cairo, I made sure to talk to as many people as possible about their political views, thoughts of the current leadership in Egypt and their hopes for the future.

The people I spoke to were mostly cab drivers, family members or friends and friends of friends. There's an obvious disappointment with the performance the Morsi's government although the degree of anger varied from complete bashing of Morsi and the Brotherhood to mild disappointment, with few approving of his performance blaming instability on outside forces and infiltrators.

Many have lost trust in the current leadership represented by Morsi's government accusing the ruling party of attempting to "ikhwanize" the country. Ikwan, referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, was given a chance to prove that their "allegiance and priority is the country, not their organization," said several cab drivers I spoke to. They firmly believed that Morsi failed to prioritize Egypt over his organization. "He is a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Leader," a cab driver said about President Morsi.

On a positive note, despite instability and the latest series of violence, I found some positive developments in Egypt: American University in Cairo hosts debate between political satirist Bassem Youssef (Egypt's Jon Stewart) and ultra-conservative "Islamist" Nageh Ibrahim, the founder of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya. Nobody got shot!

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ostinato said...

Sadly turning your positive note to a negative note, Bassem Youssef sadly he has been charged with insulting the President. Curiously it is a crime for which Morsi himself did time in prison.

Oh the irony!