Sunday, February 24, 2013

Burgurs Vs. Books: What's More Popular in Anaheim's Little Arabia?

According to a recent blogpost about Anaheim's Little Arabia in the California Notebook, Al-Bayan Bookstore is shutting its doors within the next few weeks.

The bookstore located on Brookhurst and Ball, which has existed here for 14 years, is one of two Arabic-language bookstore in the area. The other one is Jarir Bookstore on Brookhurst and Katella.

Read the blogpost here.
"The owner explained that Arabs in Southern California, like their American counterparts, would rather eat a hamburger than read a book. Before I leave, he hospitably gifts me an Iraqi Family Cookbook writeen in English by Kay Karim. Sure enough, along Brookhurst Street I do indeed pass an [In-N-Out] Burger."
I sincerely hope that the owner can come up with a creative business strategy to keep his doors open. 

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