Sunday, December 09, 2012

Translation of Flyer Distributed by Salafists Outlining Reasons to Support the Draft Constitution

The Salafist Noor Party distributed flyers to deceive the Egyptian public encouraging them to vote for adopting a draft constitution that will pave the way for a theocracy that may discriminate between citizens.

Here's my attempt to translate the content of the flyer:

Voting Yes means:

  • Paving the way to impose Islamic Sharia Law
  • Preserving the Egyptian identity
  • Establishing the 'shura' principle
  • Achieve social justice
  • Assuring rights and freedoms within our social norms
  • Preventing tyranny
  • Reduce the powers of the president
  • Economic prosperity, stability and strengthening state institutions
Voting No means: 
  • The principles of Islamic law will be nothing but 'decor' 
  • Our identity will be erased and we will be subjects of the West
  • Keep the executive and legislative power in the hands of one individual
  • Entrench inequality between classes
  • Loose our values ​​in the name of freedom
  • compromise the dignity of our citizens (state security)
  • Chaos and lack of stability

For background on the controversial stipulations in the draft constitution read this 'Jadaliyya' article.
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