Sunday, October 28, 2012

Since Muammar Gaddafi is dead, Cynthia McKinney's new BFF is Bashar al-Assad

Former Congresswoman and staunch supporter of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Cynthia McKinney was in La Mirada today speaking at an event organized by Arab Americans 4 Syria, a Los Angeles-based group of Assad loyalists. It's no surprise that McKinney is now supporting the Assad regime after her shameful appearance on Libyan state TV defending Gaddafi as a hero in May of 2011.

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This time around she's sharing the podium with SoCal's top Assad supporter Ray Saieed, the person behind the pro-Assad group called Arab Americans 4 Syria. The video below includes an interview with him praising Assad on the deceptive pro-Assad Syrian TV Al-Dounia during a trip to show solidarity with the dictator in October 2011.

During a rally he organized in Los Angeles back in June, he was interviewed by the Soucient:
The Houla massacre has sharpened that human focus and diminished the voices of al-Dabbagh’s opponents on local media. “If they do invite you at all, they quickly cut you off,” Riad “Ray” Saeid tells me at a rally in front of the Los Angeles Federal Building.  “I’ve been on KBFC (radio) only a couple of times.” Ray heads Arab-Americans for Syria . I can barely hear him over the pro-Assad chants of his friends. Outnumbered by around three to one, they’re trying to match the vocal power of the Free Syria crowd across the road. 
At first, Ray sounds reasonable. He calls for peace and dialogue. “A dead Sunni, a dead Shi’ite and a dead Christian all smell the same after three days,” he says. But his repeated and impassioned insistence that his rivals are “al-Qaeda sleeper cells; Wahhabis who consider me an infidel” fails to stick. “Does America want a second Iraq?” would surely be a more effective media message. As we talk, Syrian nationalists mingle with anti-imperialists holding NATO-bashing placards. 
The event's email announcement came from two local Assad supporters: Alenteshar newspaper, which also considers Saddam Hussein a great Arab martyr; and from a man who spies on Syrian-Americans for the Assad's intelligence agencies.

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