Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 Reasons to Boycott OC's Arab Festival

For 16 years, what is known as the "Arab American Day Festival" held annually in Garden Grove, Calif., has attracted tens of thousands of people from all over Southern California. This year, many felt the festival should be boycotted for various reasons and protest has been called for on Saturday by the Southern California Syrian Coordination Committee. 
Playboy was a sponsor of the Arab American Day Festival in 2009

1. Owner of the festival supports Assad. For the last eighteen months, the festival owner and his cronies have shown full support of criminal acts inflicted on the Syrian people in many ways such as twisting facts, attacking the integrity of the revolution, and personally attacking Arabs living in the US who are supporting the revolution.

2. The editor-in-chief of his so-called newspaper that promotes this festival is not only a staunch supporter of Assad, but got personal with me for posting videos of protesters in Deraa on my Facebook page. "Rashad, why do you hate Syria so much, you Saudi. You're acting like a Mossad agent," he wrote in a private message. He also proudly posed with Assad regime figures during a trip to Syria last year while they were massacring civilians. When he speaks to reporters he tells them revolutionaries and their local supporters are terrorists. This guy makes Pam Geller sound like a bridge builder. 

3. Although the festival attracts thousands, it lacks class. Just compare it to Irvine's "Anatolian" festival.

4. For many years, the CIA and FBI were the largest sponsors. Sure, the agencies are supposed to serve and protect us as Americans, instead the latter spies on us as Muslims and Arab-Americans. Besides, it's hypocritical to bash the Syrian revolution and falsely claim that it's funded by the CIA, and receive CIA money to fund this festival. 

5. When you host a festival attended mostly by conservative Arab families, you just don't invite Playboy and Hustler to sponsor it. Many families haven't returned to the festival since the Playboy bunnies were trying to sell their energy drinks in 2009.

6. There are better places to go this Saturday: the Irvine Global Village Festival and the CAIR-CA-PAC policy forum and banquet dinner. 
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