Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sheikh Zayed's Dream in Los Angeles

An Historic Journey into the Heart of the Arabian Desert

Two Performances Only!

Saturday, July 23 8 p.m.
Sunday, July 24 3:30 pm.
Royce Hall at UCLA

Tickets prices $30 / $45 / $65 / $85 ($20 students)
To purchase tickets,* call 310.825.2101 or visit Ticketmaster.com

Zayed and the Dream follows the journey of seven horsemen as they travel through the sands of time in search of the destined one who will engrave his vision on the deserts of Arabia. Guiding him through the years, they impart to him each of their seven virtues: wisdom, courage, justice, faith, righteousness, honor, and patience; virtues from which is vision begins to evolve into a dream.

Starring 100 artists with participation of guest dance performers from China, Spain, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates, Zayed and the Dream was commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. ADACH is an institution that contributes to the strengthening of humanity and the appreciation of different cultures, playing a pioneering role in the Middle East by developing projects that encourage the sharing of traditions from around the globe.

Caracalla is an internationally-acclaimed dance company that has built their own dance language bridging the styles of the East and West. Embodying the cultural image of Lebanon and the Arab world, and working with companies and performers from across the globe, Caracalla is recognized as an arts leader in the Middle East and one of the leading dance theatre companies on the international stage.

To purchase tickets,* visit Ticketmaster.com, or
call the UCLA Central Ticket Office at 310.825.2101
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