Thursday, April 07, 2011

This Syrian must have confused Bashar al-Assad with God

"15000 miles away, Syrians are still scared to express their true feeling about the Syrian regime... That is how much fear the Syrian regime has built in its own people's hearts," posted my Syrian-American friend as his facebook status update. He is referring to many Syrian Americans in Southern California showing support to Syrian autocrat Bashar al-Assad.

Back in Syria, a recent video on YouTube shows Syrians "supporting" the regime. This man must have confused Bashar al-Assad with God: 

Many Syrians Americans in Southern California believe Bashar al-Assad's claim that those who are protesting are fueling sectarian tension in Syria. The regime claims that reform is already underway, and protesters are nothing more than a few agents of foreign elements who are meddling in Syrian affairs. Others don't, but few speak up against the regime.

A protest took place in front of the Syrian consulate in Newport Beach on March 23 against the regime by courageous Syrian-Americans.  Some say most of them seldom visit Syria, unless they wouldn't mind being blacklisted. Another pro-freedom protest is planned to be held on Saturday, April 16.

On April 2nd another group of Syrian-Americans demonstrated in front of the consulate to support the regime, then went to Anaheim's Little Arabia to distribute coffee and pastry for free and celebrate the "victory of truth over vice". 

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