Monday, March 28, 2011

KFC, hallucination pills & other "foreign elements" Scapegoats for "instability":

Egypt is not Tunisia
Libya is not Egypt or Tunisia
Yemen is not Libya, Egypt or Tunisia
Bahrain is not Yemen, Libya, Egypt or Tunisia
Syria is not Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Egypt or Tunisia... to be continued.

Sure they're all different countries, but their people are seeking one thing: freedom.

Tyrants tried to deceive their people and the world into thinking that each of their countries were immune to protests. In each case, dictators portrayed protesters as agents of some sort of a foreign element. Some are funnier than others:
  • In Tunisia - Ben Ali blamed "unpardonable terrorist acts by gangs." 
  • While Egypt's Mubarak blamed "foreign elements" and "spoilers with political interests," State-controlled TV stations suggested that Aljazeera, the Mossad, "Turks working for Iran's intelligence" and "Islamists with long beards" were to blame.  KFC-eaters was enough proof for some to believe that protesters were traitors.
  • Not too many expected protests in Bahrain, but it happened. The ruling family blamed "foreign elements" as well, this time referring to Iran since the majority of protesters (some claim it was all of them) were Shiites, forgetting that Shiites make up the majority of Bahrain's population seeking equality and justice. More recently, the troubled nation's authorities destroyed the Pearl roundabout, which was the location were protesters gathered. As if a roundabout was the cause for protests!
  • Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh was not creative. He blamed the US & Israel.
  • It gets better with Libya when Gaddafi blamed almost everyone and everything: hallucination pills, Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, greasy rat protesters, the US, Israel, Zionists, imperialism, etc.
  • At first, Syria's regime simply blamed "foreign elements" eventually they pointed fingers at Palestinians from Al-Ramel refugee camp. Syrian authorities arrested, in addition to Syrians, five Lebanese citizens, an Algerians, and two Americans including an Egyptian-American for "inciting protests." In addition, Syrian state TV accused the CIA, Egyptian-Qatari celebrity Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Lebanon of conspiring against Syria!
The blame game will continue.
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