Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arab-American Historian Joe Haiek to receive "Ellis Island Medal of Honor"

Arab American Historian Joseph Haiek was selected as a 2011 recipient of Ellis Island Medal of Honor. The medal is designed to pay homage to the immigrant experience, as well as for individual achievement.  Haiek will be the first Palestinian-American to receive the medal.
Mr. Haiek’s Biography:
Joseph R. Haiek was the Founder of The News Circle Publishing House in Los Angeles, in 1972, publisher of the Arab-American Affairs Magazine, the Arab American Almanac series (6 Editions since 1974), Mideast Business Guide, reference book in 1980, the Mideast Business Exchange Magazine, from 1977 to 1983; these are in addition to the production of other books by independent authors. Produced over 100 TV episodes of 30 minutes each of community affairs and events (non-Arab) which were broadcasted on Cable TV in Los Angeles County for the general American public.
He is also Founder of the Arab American Historical Foundation in Los Angeles 1978, established an Arab American research library and a unique historical collection of Arab American books, publications, photos, videos and documents, including a set of microfilm of The News Circle Magazine published since 1972. Also founder and first president of the Arab American Press Guild in Los Angeles , 1985.
Joseph preserves and celebrates the history, traditions, and values of his ancestry group by historically recording events for the past 40 years since 1972 on the Arab American community in the United States .  His publications, historical, journalistic, and photographic efforts and contributions have resulted in the publications of the following which have been distributed to mainstream America and the world, in public libraries, universities, and book stores.
Joseph R. Haiek is the publisher/historian of the Arab American Almanac, 6th Edition, 608 pages, the most comprehensive reference book on the Arab American Community.  He has published 6 Editions since 1974.  This book includes the following chapters: Arab American History in the U.S. since 1600s, Arab Contributions to World Civilization, the Kahlil Gibran Literary Group early 1900s here in New York; the Arts, Music, Fashion, Poetry and Theater groups and individuals who have contributed to mainstream America; 85 Arab American Organizations (non-political); Religious Institutions of Christian Arab Americans and Muslem Arab Americans; includes a chapter on 55 Publications, television and radio programs; a chapter on Who's Who Among Arab Americans, in each edition he has written and recorded thousands of VIPs who have contributed in a large way to the community; a chapter on profiles of Arab World and the U.S.A.; a chapter of Arab American Achievements and Contributions; a chapter on Arabic language; Bibliography; Addresses; Websites and over 550 photos (which most were taken by Joseph throughout the 40 years of journalism he has and is still doing).
There are about 3.5 million Arab Americans residing in major American cities among them are thousands of Arab American scholars/professors who teach in major American universities, scientists and businessmen. This is just part of the reference data found in the Arab American Almanac, 6th Edition.  It also includes Arab Americans who have served as Americans in the armed forces in all major wars since World War I and II, Korean, Vietnam , Iraq wars, including Lt. General John Abizaid and Gen. George Joulwan.  Also includes government officials of Arab Americans who are members of Congress.  It does not include any advertising.
The first edition of the Arab American Almanac series was published in Los Angeles in 1974 by Joseph R. Haiek, also publisher of The News circle Publishing House since 1972, publishers of the Arab American Affairs Magazine, Arab American Historian electronic newsletter and other reference books.  Please note one of his websites regarding historical referencing:  and his other website  (under construction).  There are several thumbnails on the home page of the website  which gives 1st few pages examples of several chapters (608 pages) of the Arab American Almanac and the Arab American Historian Newsletter.
The purpose of the Arab American Almanac is to broaden the reach and availability of pertinent, accurate and practical reference sources about Arab Americans, while acknowledging their heritage and perpetuating their culture, history and society. There is no other book like this in the world. It is worth noting, that the word "Almanac" is an Arabic word, meaning weather or state of condition.
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