Friday, February 18, 2011

Urge Anaheim to support the people of Egypt & Tunisia

If you live in Anaheim and agree with this petition, please email your name and address to the Happy Arab.
Petition to the City of Anaheim

Dear Anaheim City Council,
We are writing as constituents to ask you to support the people of Egypt and Tunisia as they valiantly struggled for the opportunity to move past the eras of fundamentalism, strongmen, isolation, or failed ideologies toward a future that is based on a government that is representative of the aspirations of its people. 

In the spirit of democracy and to honor the vibrant community of Americans of Arab heritage who contribute to the cultural mosaic of Anaheim, we are urging the city of Anaheim to pass a proclamation at the next Council meeting recognizing and supporting the people of Egypt and Tunisia as they move toward democratic governance.

The college students, lawyers, doctors, farmers, merchants, Copts (Christians), and Muslims of Egypt are seeking to write a new chapter in the Middle East. Now is our opportunity to move forward and support a U.S. foreign policy we can ALL be proud of. We look forward to your leadership on this issue.
                      I care.                 I speak.                 I write.                  I vote.



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