Monday, January 17, 2011

Tunisia's Joe 6-pack

A letter to the editor in the New York Times regarding Tunisia caught my attention today. It came from Berlin's Salim Samai who wrote:
The change in Tunisia confirms that the average Arab is similar to the average American: a Joe 6-pack who believes in freedom and dignity. Many in the media had been selling Arabs as the enemy of freedom. 
For many years, specially since the "war on terrorism" began, many in America's mainstream news media including the self-proclaimed "fair and balanced" FOX would have you believe that Arabs do not want freedom. They would have you think that Arabs have a backward culture that is not compatible with the enlightened "West" and its principles of freedom, democracy, and tolerance.  Tunisia's "Intifada" was grassroots, with no foreign meddling, and it got Libya's Gadhafi and other Arab dictators panic.

Here's the best part of Samai's letter:
No war on terrorism, no neocon, no ideology, no think tank, no military force in Iraq or Afghanistan, has achieved what the people of Tunisia have done.
Nicely put. 
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