Monday, January 31, 2011

'Clash of Civilizations' debunked

As an Arab-American I am immensely proud of the protest movements taking place in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen by people standing up for themselves, absent any foreign influences or meddling by other nations. They’re standing up not for a pan-Arab, pan-Islamic or socialist cause, but for a government that musters even a half-hearted attempt at a democracy imbued with dignity in its treatment of its citizens.
These movements are emblematic of the flaw in Samuel Huntington’s theory of the clash of civilizations; because they represent the collusion of the modern (Twitter) and the joining of both secular, religious and civic groups in common cause for the most fundamental of universal rights.
I look forward to see which opposition movement is the first to stand up in front of the world and rip up their respective constitution and announce a bold initiative to write the first modern Arab constitution of the 21st century.

- Omar Masry, Newport Beach
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