Monday, August 02, 2010

NAAP-OC receives Census Award

The Anaheim-based Network of Arab American Professionals of Orange County (NAAP-OC) received a partnership award from the US Census Bureau for its outstanding role in reaching out to the Arab community in Orange County.

NAAP-OC was also one of the leading organizations that helped promote the “Yalla Count!” campaign, which encouraged Arabs to fill out their Census forms and check the “Other” box and fill in their nationality. The campaign gained nationwide recognition with its playful slogan “Check it right… You ain’t White!” which received media coverage by various local, national, and international media outlets including Newsweek, CBS, NPR, CNN, Alhurra TV, BBC, KFI, OC Register, The Independent Monitor, ALO Magazine, Beirut Times and others.

"Check it right... You ain't White" campaign went national after all 10 chapters of NAAP across the nation endorsed and promoted it!

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