Friday, November 30, 2007

My Assemblyman VAN TRAN sent me a letter, regarding my letter to the OC Register!

I get home at around 6pm from work today, and I find the following letter in my room:
Dear Mr. Al-Dabbagh:

I read with interest your letter to the editor in the Orange County Register on May 15, 2007 regarding the Middle East. Our representative democracy works best when citizens, such as you, openly share their concerns and views on issues facing their community. Feedback from constituents is vital to elected officials if they are to shape good public policy. I welcome your views and hope to see you in the news again or in person soon.

I have enclosed a copy of the article for you in case you missed it to share with your family and friends.

Please keep me informed of your thoughts and concerns on state related matters. Should you need any information or assistance please contact Saulo Londono my Field Representative for the City of Anaheim.


Assemblyman, 68th District

The letter he referred to is this:

Palestinian exile is real

The letter, "Palestinian 'petulance'" [May 10], denied the existence of a Palestinian people. If there were no Palestinian people, I wouldn't have existed. The pre-1948 Palestine included not only the West Bank and Gaza, but what is now known as the state of Israel as well.

My Palestinian grandparents escaped the city of Jaffa after Jewish immigrants from Europe gave them one of two choices: to leave or face death. From Jaffa, Palestine, my grandparents fled to Egypt, then migrated to Saudi Arabia, before moving Orange County.

Three-quarters of Palestinians are currently exiled as a direct result of the establishment of the Jewish state. Those Palestinians are not allowed to return to their former homes because they are not Jewish.

- Rashad Al-Dabbagh of Anaheim

The letter from the Assemblyman was actually sent on June 5th, and for some reason (a good reason) I didn't open it until now. I was surprised that my assemblyman, or probably a staffer with the initials s.o., took the time to write me this letter and attach a copy of my letter to the editor to it! Impressive, isn't it?
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