Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ask your cable company about AJI

After months of rumors about Al Jazeera going english, its finally up and running. Al Jazeera launched its english language TV station.

With more foreign correspondents than Fox, CNN, MSNBC combined, Al Jazeera International threatens every news channel including BBC to become the most popular news channel worldwide. But guess what, Americans will not watch it...! Why, no cable company will carry Al Jazeera!
Up until the Iraq war, the US government applauded al Jazeera as an example of free speach in Mideast news media. Al Jazeera is known for its open debates and discussions about Arab regimes, hosting guests who very critical of Arab governments including ones that have been immuned of criticism on Arab media. Only when Al Jazeera exposed the cruelty of America's invasion of Iraq and its treatment of prisoners, not to mention broadcasting messages by Al-Qaeda leaders, the US government expressed its opposition of the leading Arab newsmedia that conducts interviews with Israeli officials routinely, which was unheard of before al Jazeera.

Apparently US cable companies are not fond of the idea of bringing a different perspective to the American public, maybe they're too worried about Americans being exposed to massacres in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and elsewhere, or exposing Israel's brutal occupation, or maybe they are just worried about hurting W's feelings!

I suggest that you grab your phone, call your cable company, and ask if they provide Al Jazeera International, then ask them to consider offering it, because you'd be the first one to subscribe.
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