Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Misleading soundbites and propaganda

The process of demonizing Palestinians, Lebanese, Iranians, Syrians, ...etc continues everyday as one watches mainstream newsmedia blaming Israel's war crimes on everybody but Israel. Soundbites and misleading propaganda fed by Fucks News Channel about how Israel is in a war of survival continue to misinform the American public. What is happening is outragous, to say the least. Somehow the victim is to blame and the aggressor is the victim.

Soundbites 1559, kidnapped soldiers, annihilation of Israel:

1559: So-called experts continue to blame Lebanon, Syria, and Hizbullah for their noncompliance with this resolution. What about Israel's defiance of UN Security Council Resolutions? Before 1559 there was UN resolutions 138, 242, 446, and dozens of others.

How many time have you heard about the 'kidnapped' Israeli soldiers? 1 by Hamas, and 2 by Hizbullah. The fact remains that both Hamas and Hizbullah offered to exchange prisoners. There are more than 10,000 Palestinian and Lebanese men, women, and children in Israeli prisons. Is the life of an Israeli more valuable?

Annihilation of Israel: nonsense.
Israel's 60-400 nuclear weapons would prevent that from taking place, if that was the desire of the Arabs, as Israel claims!
umm.. 60-400 nuclear weapons?!!!!!! Iran doesn't have any yet and Iraq never had nucs! We went to war with one, and planning the other because they don't have nuclear weapons! Maybe if they build some Bush will consider them part of the free world!
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