Friday, December 09, 2016

A Victory in Standing Rock, for now!

Grassroots organizing, nonviolent direct action and leadership from front-line indigenous people succeeded in stopping the $3.8 billion, 1,200-mile pipeline in its tracks.

The pipeline has been stopped after the Army Corps of Engineers announced on Sunday, December 4 that it denied the easement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is a remarkable victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and the thousands of native and non-native allies.  

The Arab American Civic Council, partnered with the Palestinian Youth Movement and Activate Labs on From Palestine to the Pipeline: A Journey for Justice, a campaign answering to a national call to action for Standing Rock.  

Ready to march on Sunday, November 27
with water protectors including historian LaDonna Brave Bull Allard 

We are proud to have taken part in this struggle as allies of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe by sending Palestinian American delegations to Standing Rock to learn, offer support, share stories, and help water protectors in the front lines.

We shared stories of the Palestinian struggle for statehood, sovereignty, and access to existing resources, including water. Through a gift from Folk Art Mavens, we were able to distribute 60 Palestinian Kuffieyehs (scarves) to tribal elders and water protectors as they marched in the front lines against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The struggle is not over yet. Many native people are skeptical and will remain in Standing Rockuntil the project completely ends. President-Elect Donald Trump supports the pipeline and could overturn the Army's decision after his inauguration.
We met Syrian American documentarian Elias Matar
(watch his film Flight of the Refugees)
Pueblo Action Alliance

We ran into activist Medea Benjamin,
co-founder of Code Pink


Thursday, December 08, 2016

CSUF removes map of Syria off exhibition (about Syria) for not specifying Israel on it

According to 'A Country Called Syria' co-founder and exhibit organizer Dania Alkhouli, the Dean at CSUF Library has been hounded by massive complaints regarding our exhibition's banner because of its map and its lack of specification of Israel. The map beneath their logo on the banner, the land identified as Palestine and Israel barely shows. The graphic designer selected this map because of its fit for the sizing and printing to enable them to produce a cost effective banner—not to "erase Israel off the map."

Without their consent or warning, the banner was stripped out of our exhibit exactly 14 days prior to closure. This means guests will no longer know the name of the organization, contact information or social media outlets.

A Country Called Syria is a nonpartisan organization dedicated purely to educating on SYRIA and its history, culture and valuable contributions to the world, as well as the humanitarian crisis it is currently crumbling beneath.

With all that, there are individuals on campus still concerned with whether or not the barely visible tip of ONE country is labeled, as opposed to everything else necessary to fixate upon? So much so that the campus staff and administrators felt fearful enough to tear down an essential piece of the exhibition.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Support #Palestine2pipeline journey for justice in #StandingRock

This year, as Americans eat their turkeys and count their blessings, members of the Sioux Nation in Standing Rock, North Dakota are being attacked with tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

Last week, I planned to go on a journey for justice to stand with the people of Standing Rock along with a team of Palestinian-Americans and allies in the fight against environmental destruction and injustice. Due to multiple flight delays, I did not reach my destination and had to return home after spending a night in Dallas. However, I just purchased another ticket and I plan to be there tomorrowFriday, Nov. 25

I am thankful for this opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as a friend and an ally, and for having wonderful friends who supported this campaign with monetary donations, tents, sleeping bags, and the 60 Palestinian kuffiyehs from Folk Art Mavens to be hand delivered to water protectors on the front lines. 
‘From Palestine to the Pipeline: A Journey for Justice’ is a collaboration between the Arab American Civic Council, Activate Labs, and the Palestinian Youth Movement.
While working to end all US support for Israeli occupation that continues to steal the land and resources of the indigenous Palestinian population, it is essential for Palestinian rights activists here to recognize the continuing denial of the rights of Native nations and their people. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OC Weekly's Gabriel San Roman to receive ADC Truth in Media Award

ADC Orange County announces Gabriel San Román from the OC Weekly as the 2016 Truth in Media award recipient. Gabriel San Román is an award-winning multimedia journalist from Anaheim, California. He worked as co-producer on the daily drive time Uprising morning show on KPFK Pacifica Radio and produced numerous segments about Middle Eastern politics and Arab-American culture. In print, he's written about Anaheim's Little Arabia countless times and wrote a 2015 OC Weekly cover story about the assassination of Alex Odeh upon its 30th anniversary. San Román has been a tireless voice against anti-Arab discrimination and Islamophobia. He began authoring articles for the Orange County Weekly in 2006 and has since become a Staff Writer.

The Alex Odeh Memorial Banquet is on Sunday, October 23rd. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Tickets are available at Deadline to purchase reduced price tickets is October 21. After this deadline, tickets will be available for $125 at the door.

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Ahmed Ahmed is back... at the United Shades Of Ahmedica

The United Shades Of Ahmedica

World Famous Egyptian-American comedian Ahmed Ahmed is returning to his hometown in Riverside, CA to perform and film his first hour special!
He'll be hosting a VIP after party upstairs at The Fox Theater for invited guests and North High Alumni. Ray Welch will be dj'ing!!

Please get tickets at

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Here's what Arab Americans are doing to mobilize the community to vote!

The Arab American Civic Council, an Orange County-based grassroots organization dedicated to empowering the Arab American community, recently launched its voter outreach campaign to encourage Arab Americans in Orange County and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to vote the upcoming election.

Nationally, AACC has partnered with the Arab American Institute’s effort to register voters through its Yalla Vote campaign, in which Arab American organizations nationwide are participating in voter registration drives. AACC’s volunteers along with Access California Services, an Arab American social services organizations, are on the ground registering voters at community events and gatherings. Our volunteers have tabled at the Palestine Picnic Day, the opening reception of ‘A Country Called Syria’, and in front of Fresh Choice Marketplace in Little Arabia to register new voters across Orange County and beyond.

One of the most important races locally is the Anaheim City Council race under the new district elections, which is why AACC partnered with a wide range of local organizations to host two candidate forums. The first forum was held on Friday, September 30th at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, and the second one is planned to be held on Monday, October 24th at the Arab American Community Center in Anaheim: Click here for details about the forum.
Additionally, in an effort to engage the Arab American community in the presidential race, the AACC hosted a presidential debate watch party this past Sunday at Little Arabia’s El Mahroosa Cafe and Hookah Lounge. More than 40 community members attend the event over delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and participated in the discussion through social media.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Forget Hillary & Trump and join the debate that matters!

This election should be more about local elections than the presidential one. The outcome of each local election has more direct effect on a citizen's future than what we all get distracted with, in this year's case: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. And with the Electoral College determining which candidate our state's votes will go to, there are less reasons to focus on the presidential election, which is why it's important to know local candidates and learn about the ballot propositions.

Join the Arab American Civic Council, CAIR-LA, and ACLU-Southern California for an election forum:

WHAT: Anaheim City Council candidates forum

WHEN: Friday, September 30, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

WHERE: Islamic Institute of Orange County, 1220 N. State College Blvd., Anaheim

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

California State Controller Betty Yee Endorses Farrah Khan for Irvine City Council

Irvine City Council Candidate Farrah N. Khan announced today that she has officially received the endorsement of State Controller Betty Yee.

“I am pleased to endorse Farrah N. Khan for Irvine City Council,” said Yee. “She will put her corporate, small business, and community-based experience to work for the residents and businesses of Irvine. Farrah’s demonstrated record of bringing diverse interests together as Executive Director of the Interfaith Council will serve the growing needs of Irvine well.”

Yee was elected in 2014 as California's State Controller. She previously represented 21 counties in northern and central California as a member of the Board of Equalization. As Controller, Yee is the State's Chief Financial Officer. She also chairs the Franchise Tax Board and serves as a member of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) Boards.

Farrah N. Khan expressed gratitude upon receiving Yee's endorsement.

“Betty Yee is one of our state’s most admired leaders, and I am excited to work with her to get things done for the Irvine community,” said Khan.

Just last week, Khan was endorsed by Former Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang.

Farrah N. Khan is a candidate for Irvine City Council on the November 8, 2016 General Election Ballot.

Mrs. Khan is the Executive Director of the Newport Irvine Mesa Interfaith Council, former Irvine Community Services Commissioner, retired biotechnology executive, and small business owner in Irvine. To learn more about her campaign visit:

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